Major Remodel of Centennial Hill Senior Residence

CentennialHill_669x430In 1995, the City of Chanhassen and the CDA entered into a Joint Powers Agreement to enable the construction of Centennial Hill Apartments, which provided 65 units of housing for seniors in the City of Chanhassen.

As it approached its twentieth anniversary year, the project was in need of a variety of improvements.  The CDA requested the City of Chanhassen’s continued support of the project by providing its general obligation backing in support of housing bonds to fund $1,550,000 in building improvements and to refund the $2,960,000 of outstanding 2004 bonds resulting in a substantial saving on interest rates since the original project.

The Building Improvements

Kass Wilson Architects was retained on the project and one of the primary purposes of the project was to repair the existing plaza which had leaking issues for many years. The project included a complete reconstruction of the plaza waterproofing system. The plaza was then refinished with a new heated walkway and concrete topping.

The project also included site improvements to collect water from the plaza and direct it away from the building, which was critical to successfully deal with the plaza water issues and to stabilize a retaining wall that had been destabilized by the accumulation of water.

The project also included improvements to the building designed to reduce ongoing maintenance costs and increase energy efficiencies. The improvements included:
  • New windows
  • Replacement of existing vinyl siding with new cement fiber board
  • Refinishing the existing decks and wrapping the face boards with aluminum along with the addition of new aluminum railings
  • Refinishing and restriping the asphalt parking lot
  • New landscaping
The Centennial redevelopment and upgrade project team included:
  • Carver County CDA
  • City of Chanhassen
  • Kass Wilson Architects
  • Eagle Builders
  • Springsted Inc.
  • Steve Dunbar, Ivy Properties
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